Dealing with your Insurance Company

All our consultants are recognised by all the major insurance companies and bill within their guidelines which means that you are not left to pay a shortfall.

Most medical Insurers request a referral from your GP or other specialist before agreeing to cover the costs. Please contact them prior to your first appointment to ensure they will authorise your claim. They will provide you with a pre-authorisation number for your consultation and treatment.

You need to keep your insurance company informed to obtain approval for further appointments, physiotherapy or MRI or surgery etc.

If there are any queries please contact your consultant’s secretary or call the main line on 0203 1 30 40 50

Email: info@

Outpatient consultation prices:

Treatment Price
New Patient Consultation £250
Follow Up £150
Second Opinion £275
Diagnostic Ultrasound in the Clinic £95
Joint Injection in the Clinic £100
Removal / Application of Plaster £95

Pease note that x-rays, MRI scans and blood tests are provided by the hospital and costs should be obtained directly from the relevant hospital.