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Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic offers a comprehensive dedicated specialist service for the diagnosis and treatment of hip and groin pain, sports hip injuries and treatment of osteoarthritis.

It provides high quality contemporary care for hip conditions in patients of all ages and covers the complete spectrum of hip surgical procedures including arthroscopic
‘key-hole surgery of the hip (femoro-acetabular impingement, acetabular labral tears, trochanteric bursitis), joint preservation techniques, partial and total hip replacement.
Our joint replacement and reconstruction specialists have specific expertise in treating patients who require surgery when a primary joint replacement must be revised for reasons such as peri-prosthetic fracture, dislocation, infection and when the artificial joint wears out (osteolysis).

Our specialists in sports kip injuries and young adult hip are:

Mr Dean Michael

Days Times Locations
Monday Evening Runnymede
Wednesday Evening Runnymede
Thursday Afternoon Woking Nuffield
Friday Afternoon/Evening Runnymede