A double hip replacement from Mr Rishi Chana has given 64-year-old Philip his quality of life back

Philip, active grandfather

Consultant: Rishi Chana

Treatment: Double hip replacement

64-year-old security consultant Philip started to experience significant leg and hip pain in 2013, which he thought was coming from his back. Images of his lower back and hips revealed the issue to be that his hip joints were touching a nerve, but he was deemed too young for a hip replacement.

Over the years the pain became more intense. He was taking naproxen tablets for pain relief and sleeping, and walking were problematic. In 2015, while doing some DIY he tried to get up and experienced excruciating pain and was stuck with his left hip at 90 degrees to his torso. He was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital where he spent two days on strong pain killers before he could straighten his hip and go home.

In November 2017, while out for Sunday lunch, he was taken ill and couldn’t stop vomiting. He was taken to Luton and Dunstable Hospital where scans and X-rays were taken but they were unable to explain the sickness. Philip’s hip pain was getting worse and he was referred to a physiotherapist via his private health plan who confirmed the pain was being generated from his lower spine and hips.

Philip was referred to Mr Steel at the BMI Chiltern Hospital where he was given bilateral injections in his lower spine and further scans and X-rays revealed the extent of the arthritis in his hips. His private health company provided a list of recommended surgeons, which included Mr Rishi Chana. Philip did some further research on the internet, and that plus the recommendation of Mr Steel at the BMI Chiltern Hospital, gave him great confidence in Mr Chana, to whom he was duly referred.

Mr Chana confirmed that due to the wear in his left hip, Philip had a bony spur touching a nerve near the hip joint which was causing the pain when trying to get up. Mr Chana explained that his hips urgently needed total replacement: the left hip first and later the right.  By this time, despite pain killers, Philip was in so much pain that he had to go home from work in the afternoons to rest and couldn’t stand or walk for long without pain.

Philip’s total left hip replacement took place in February 2018, with X-rays on his right hip planned for mid-2018 to determine when to have a total right hip replacement, which was ultimately carried out in February 2019.

Philip was particularly impressed by the way Mr Chana and his team, especially anaesthetist, David Drake, explained in detail what the issues were with his hip joints and the procedures involved in resolving them, which he found very reassuring.

Philip’s total left hip replacement was a success and the experience has helped him to understand what to expect after his right hip replacement, from which he is recovering well. With four young granddaughters, he can now be the energetic grandad again and after the total left hip replacement was able to play in the sea in Greece in 2018, an impossibility before surgery. He is also hoping to get back to long distance walking and cycling again.

He says: “I can highly recommend Mr Chana if you want a caring specialist consultant for a total hip replacement. I am looking forward to seeing him for my post-operation appointment and letting him know how good I now feel.”

March 2019

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After years of hip problems, energetic grandad Philip wanted to be free to enjoy everyday activities and holidays pain-free.

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