“Many thanks for giving me back my straight feet , now hopefully I can get rid of my granny shoes.”

Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic offers a comprehensive dedicated specialist foot and ankle service for the diagnosis and treatment of heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon problems as well as painful bunions or sports injuries such as ankle instability, stress factures or even stiffness from foot arthritis.

Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams include orthopaedic surgeons trained in modern techniques, radiologists with a special interest in musculo-skeletal conditions who have access to the latest innovations for scan guided interventions. Our Consultant Podiatrist, Nick Masucci is an expert in Custom Made Orthotics and forefoot correction surgery.

Joint Preservation Surgery:  At Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic we are totally dedicated towards the preservation of your natural joints. We specialise and offer the latest but safe, research proven techniques in Cartilage Regenerative Surgery using collagen scaffolds and your own Adult Stem Cells.

Achilles Tendon and Tibialis Posterior tendon

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Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

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Hallux Rigidus and Big Toe Stiffness /Impingement

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Ankle Ligament Injury (Sprain) and Torn Ankle ligaments. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction.

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Ankle Joint Preservation: Stem Cells and Regeneration

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We hope you find the information here useful but we think it is important to stress that no-one can reliably self-diagnose their own medial problems or injuries. Even doctors see other doctors and try not to diagnose themselves.

One of the reasons for this is that there are rare but serious causes of pain in the feet that can only be diagnosed by an expert. Also the temptation with any injury is to wait and see if it gets better on its own. Whilst in general terms this is a good idea it is always wise to be cautious and seek advice sooner rather than later if things aren’t settling in order to get diagnosed and treated early and prevent later problems.

As always, seek professional advice for any health problem you may have – and sooner rather than later.



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