Giancarlo Camilleri

Dr Giancarlo Camilleri is a Consultant Pain Management Specialist with expertise in all aspects of chronic and acute pain. 

He has a multifaceted approach to pain conditions and his specialist interests include the management of back pain, neck pain, chronic spinal pain, sciatica sacro-iliac joint pain or dysfunction, myofascial pain, chronic knee pain and chronic hip pain.

Chronic pain, in particular back pain, is an extremely debilitating condition and can have multiple causes. Giancarlo gives each patient sufficient time to allow a full understanding of their symptoms and to undertake a thorough assessment.

Following your consultation, you may need further investigations such as an MRIs scan, which will assist Giancarlo in a complete diagnosis. He works closely with other Specialist Consultants such as Spine Surgeons; Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physiotherapists.

Whilst many incidents of back pain can be managed with simple pain killers, physiotherapy and a gradual return to normal activities, where there are underlying causes of back pain, Giancarlo offers radiofrequency denervation (also known as facet joint denervation; medial branch radiofrequency denervation; medial branch radiofrequency neurotomy or medial branch radiofrequency ablation).

This is a non-invasive treatment for patients who live with severe lower back pain and who have difficulty in walking or moving their legs due to back pain. The aim of the procedure is to stop the nerve endings sending pain signals to the brain. It involves inserting a special needle which deactivate the nerves around the spinal facet joint in your back or neck which are causing the pain. This is a minor procedure which is performed as a day case procedure. 

Conditions leading to back pain treated by Giancarlo include disc degeneration; arthritis affecting the spinal facet joints; tear or rupture in disc substance; disc herniation; skeletal irregularities, such as scoliosis (curvature of the spine) or compression fractures of the vertebra. 

Dr Camilleri qualified from University Bristol Medical School before going on to complete further Specialist Pain Management Training in London and completed his anaesthetics and chronic pain training in Oxford, Brighton and London. Dr Giancarlo Camilleri is also a committee member of the Acute Pain Specialist Interest Group; a member of the British Pain Society and Royal College of Anaesthetists and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine.

Current appointments:

  • Consultant in Chronic Pain Management at Ashford and St. Peter’s NHS Trust

  • Consultant Pain services at Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic (BMI Runnymede, Woking Nuffield) 

  • Committee member of the Acute Pain Specialist Interest Group; British Pain Society

  • Get It Right First Time (GIRFT) Clinical Lead at Ashford & St Peter’s Foundation NHS Trust

  • MSK Lead for Spine Services & Consultant in Chronic Pain Management Ashford & St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust -

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