Radiofrequency denervation as a treatment option for lower back pain by Giancarlo Camilleri

Radiofrequency denervation is a non-invasive procedure for patients who live with severe lower back pain and who have difficulty in walking or moving their legs. How does it work?

Lower back pain: when to seek medical help by Giancarlo Camilleri

Lower back pain is extremely common and is the leading cause for people to seek medical advice. Here, Pain management specialist Dr Giancarlo Camilleri discusses the possible causes of lower back pain and the treatment options available.  

Epidural for chronic back pain: is it worth it? by Giancarlo Camilleri

Pain management specialist Dr Giancarlo Camilleri explains when an epidural is needed and if it is a good choice for treating back pain. 

Opioid crisis: how to be careful with addiction to pain relief medication by Giancarlo Camilleri

Pain management specialist Dr Giancarlo Camilleri explains the current “opioid crisis” that some patients are facing and how chronic pain can be better managed to prevent addiction to pain relief medication.

Giancarlo Camilleri gives a complete guide to recommended back pain treatments

If you have chronic back pain, you have probably tried lots of different ways to find pain relief, whether it be stretching, physical exercise, bed rest or painkillers. Here, Dr Giancarlo Camilleri, a pain management expert of the Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic, summarises what NICE recommends.

Giancarlo Camilleri explains what we can do to manage back pain, and when we should visit a doctor

Back pain is one of the most debilitating and frustrating physical set-backs to experience, and the chances are that you might already experience back pain, or have had episodes in the past. So, are we all destined to live with and put up with back pain? Or can we do something about it?

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