Rishi Chana explains Gilmore’s Groin, also known as a sports hernia

Gilmore’s Groin, athletic pubalgia (AP), sports hernia and pubic inguinal pain syndrome are all terms used to describe a spectrum of injuries that involve the muscle, tendon and ligaments that make up a dense connective tissue fascia that anchors the pubic bone and inguinal region (the lower part of the abdomen that connects with the groin). It’s a common cause of groin and adductor pain in athletes involved in sports that require kicking and pivoting like football or ice hockey. Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rishi Chana talks more about sports hernias and what it feels like.

Rishi Chana discusses how hip stress fractures occur in runners and how to avoid them

Hip injuries are especially common in runners and triathletes. Stress fractures almost always occur when runners are trying to increase their miles before a big race because the bone simply cannot take the overuse. Expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rishi Chana suggests preventive measures to take to stay safe and pain-free when exercising and what potential symptoms to pay attention to.

Guide to the costs of hip surgery by Rishi Chana

Hip surgery can change your life for the better after suffering from conditions such as arthritis. However, the costs of the procedure are something to think about when considering surgery. Leading hip surgeon Mr Rishi Chana is here with a handy guide to the costs of hip surgery.

Guide to choosing your hip surgeon by Rishi Chana

Many problems can affect the hip, especially as we get older. Arthritis, in particular can be a big concern that can hamper movement and affect our quality of life. Thankfully, a good hip surgeon can provide the solution. Expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rishi Chana specialises in hip surgery and here are some tips for choosing the best hip surgeon for your case. 

Rishi Chana highlights a relatively unknown hip problem which can occur in young sportspeople 

CAM impingement is a long-term hip problem that can happen to young people who play sports at a high level. Unfortunately it is not very well known, and even fewer people understand the link between CAM impingement and early-onset arthritis.

How does a Surgeon Plan a Knee Replacement? By Rishi Chana

Lower limb surgeon Mr Rishi Chana explains one of the latest options available to surgeons for knee replacement pateints.

The benefits of an enhanced recovery programme for hip and knee surgery by Rishi Chana

How long does it take to recover from hip or knee surgery? In the past, a three month recovery from hip surgery was normal. But thanks to the introduction of enhanced recovery programmes at select clinics around the UK, you can enjoy a recovery that takes half the time and involves minimal pain.

Dean Michael explains the causes of hip and groin pain

Hip and groin pain is no laughing matter, and it is not a problem that is limited to elderly people. Sports injuries, accidents, and many other factors can lead to pain, so we asked consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Dean Michael to tell us more.

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