David is able to enjoy his active life following a hip replacement with Mr Rishi Chana

David, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People volunteer trainer and keen gardener

Consultant: Rishi Chana

Treatment: Hip replacement

David’s advanced osteoarthritis was limiting his ability to do the garden and carry out his role as a Hearing Dogs for Deaf People volunteer puppy trainer

David had been having progressive problems with his right hip, caused by osteoarthritis.  This was initially mild to moderate, but gradually became more severe as time went by.


Following an initial GP consultation it was agreed that he would manage the symptoms until such times as he felt that the interference with his daily routine was becoming too intrusive, at which time surgical intervention would become appropriate.


During the spring of 2018 David reached this point. He is a reasonably active person, one of his main activities being training puppies for the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, which inevitably requires a significant degree of walking.  In addition David maintains a reasonable sized garden, including grass cutting , hedge cutting, digging and other tasks. He is also the principal car driver, particularly for longer journeys. The pain from his hip joint became such that all these things were becoming more difficult for him.


Once David had decided to go forward with a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon, he was recommended to see Mr Chana by one of his former patients, who is David’s son-in-law's Father. Following this recommendation, David researched Mr Chana further on the Internet, read reviews and made the decision to seek a referral to him.


David had an initial consultation with Mr Chana and they agreed a hip replacement was the best course of action, as David had anticipated.


The operation went ahead and now at nearly nine months post operation, David is really pleased with the result: “I would not say that I can do anything that I had not previously been able to do, but I can now do it virtually pain free, which was not the case in the run up to the operation.”


Whilst David does occasionally suffer some pain in and around the joint, this is muscular only, and not seriously intrusive.  It is improving all the time, and he expects it to cease completely, probably from about one year post op.



His advice for patients considering a hip replacement: “From my own experience I would not hesitate, if you are experiencing significant discomfort, to have a hip replacement, and go back to enjoying the sort of life you had before the problem arose.  Whilst the immediate post-operative period is painful and requires work and exercise, the end result is well worth it.”


David sums up his treatment with Mr Chana: “ I found Rishi to be competent and caring, and his pre-op explanations and his post op follow ups were particularly clear and reassuring, and one felt that one could (and I did) contact him in the event of any issues.  He arranged to see me at short notice to check that all was in order and reassure me. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone requiring similar treatment, and indeed, of course, my wife used him for her knee replacement some six months later.”


Mr Chana concludes: “David’s severe osteoarthritis meant a hip replacement was the natural treatment to enable him to get back to his active lifestyle. I’m so glad he is already pleased with the results and am sure he will go from strength to strength in the coming months.”

June 2019

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