Is working in an office giving you tennis elbow? By Ioannis Polyzois

We know that office work makes us sedentary, not to mention causing back problems in the long-term. Did you know it can cause elbow problems as well? Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ioannis Polyzois explains how tennis elbow can affect office workers – and what you can do about it.

Why does my shoulder hurt? The many causes of shoulder pain by Ioannis Polyzois

Shoulder pain is an extremely common problem. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the human body with the widest range of motion. Expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ioannis Polyzois explains what causes shoulder pain.

Relieving a painful shoulder: a guide to shoulder pain treatment by Ioannis Polyzois

Whether shoulder pain is caused by a rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, a pinched nerve, or a frozen shoulder, there are options for treatment once the cause has been diagnosed. 

All you need to know about shoulder injuries in skiers and snowboarders by Ioannis Polyzois

Shoulder injuries are a common occurrence among skiers and snowboarders. Experienced orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ioannis Polyzois explains how these injuries happen, how they can be treated, and what steps you can take to avoid skiing injuries.

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