Surgery is not the only answer – non-surgical treatment for thumb arthritis by Tanaya Sarkhel

Pain at the base of the thumbs can make simple things a real challenge. Undoing jar lids and bottle tops, fiddling with buttons, lifting saucepans – everyday actions that were no trouble yesterday can find us asking for help today without any rhyme or reason. What’s going on?

Why does my shoulder hurt? The many causes of shoulder pain by Ioannis Polyzois

Shoulder pain is an extremely common problem. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the human body with the widest range of motion. Expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ioannis Polyzois explains what causes shoulder pain.

Relieving a painful shoulder: a guide to shoulder pain treatment by Ioannis Polyzois

Whether shoulder pain is caused by a rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, a pinched nerve, or a frozen shoulder, there are options for treatment once the cause has been diagnosed. 

All you need to know about shoulder injuries in skiers and snowboarders by Ioannis Polyzois

Shoulder injuries are a common occurrence among skiers and snowboarders. Experienced orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ioannis Polyzois explains how these injuries happen, how they can be treated, and what steps you can take to avoid skiing injuries.

The benefits of an enhanced recovery programme for hip and knee surgery by Rishi Chana

How long does it take to recover from hip or knee surgery? In the past, a three month recovery from hip surgery was normal. But thanks to the introduction of enhanced recovery programmes at select clinics around the UK, you can enjoy a recovery that takes half the time and involves minimal pain.

Dean Michael explains the causes of hip and groin pain

Hip and groin pain is no laughing matter, and it is not a problem that is limited to elderly people. Sports injuries, accidents, and many other factors can lead to pain, so we asked consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Dean Michael to tell us more.

Paul Trikha gives hope for injured Kingston rugby player’s career 

William Marment, who plays rugby for Tiffin Boys School, Kingston, injured his knee while playing the sport during a tour to Venice in November 2009.

On his return home he was taken to see knee expert Paul Trikha at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey…

Inspirational Sixty-Eight Year Old Robert Shatwell Recovered and Riding Again After Knee Replacement

Mr Shatwell was back on his bike in only six weeks, and by eight weeks he was back to his former daily ride of between three and 10 miles. Declaring that he feels ’40 rather than nearly 70 years old now.’

Top Physio Struck Down and Unable to Walk Now Climbing Ben Nevis!

To say that the replacement knee operations were successful is something of an understatement. After the first operation Mr Matthews was back at work after only six weeks.

Going Skiing? Make Sure You’re Fit for the Slopes

Paul Trikha, Consultant Knee Surgeon at the Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic (SOC), treats countless skiing injuries.


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My grateful thanks to you for the excellent arthroscopy you performed on my ancient and crumbling knee, for there is no doubt I could not have asked for better operational or post-operational care. Thanks to you I am walking again and must repeat my gratitude for your kindness and courtesy throughout. 


The initial consultation was very prompt with excellent appointment availability. I was booked into have an MRI the following day which confirmed Mr Trikha’s diagnosis. I was able to choose from multiple appointments for the procedure which took place at the Nuffield in Woking. The operation was fantastic, I walked out the hospital only a few hours later with no pain and experienced no pain over the following days. There was minimal swelling and the knee returned to its normal size within a few days. Having met with my physiotherapist four days post op for the first session, they were stunned with the lack of swelling and controlled movement within the joint. I was cycling within a week, and running again at six weeks. My physiotherapist described the operation as the best arthroscopy he had even seen. I can not praise Mr Trikha enough. 


Thank you for operating on my knee so successfully. I am so well recovered that I am now carrying on with life as normal (including running again) and it had slipped my mind that I had a knee problem. Please can I take this opportunity to thank you not only for surgical skills but for your kindness and patience. 


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