Active mum Lorraine is now pain-free in her right hip and enjoying life again following a hip arthroscopy with Mr Rishi Chana.

Lorraine, busy mum

Consultant: Mr Rishi Chana

Treatment: Hip arthroscopy

Lorraine initially visited her GP suffering with constant pain in her right hip, which was restricting her movement. Getting up and walking was painful, and she couldn’t sleep at night. She was unable to carry out all her duties at work. A keen runner and swimmer, who enjoyed going to the gym, these activities were also severely limited. Her doctor referred her for physio at St Peter’s Hospital, from where having explored every option to cure her problem, she was referred for surgical treatment. She saw two consultants before finally being referred to Mr Chana.


Mr Chana conducted a series of thorough investigations before informing Lorraine that in his view the best option was a hip arthroscopy. He explained the treatment to Lorraine in detail and answered any queries she may have regarding the risks and benefits involved. Reassuringly, Lorraine happened to know a parent at her child’s school who’d recently had the same operation and who had made rapid improvement in his condition post-operatively. Lorraine hoped she would have the same experience.


She would have been happy with a 50% improvement, but her expectations have been exceeded “More than I can say.” She is back running and swimming; the quality of her sleep has improved, and everyday activities are no longer difficult. Her quality of life has improved in every respect. Unfortunately, her left hip will soon require the same procedure and does slow her down at times, but she “can’t wait for this procedure to be performed again so my life can improve further.”


Lorraine would advise anyone in her situation to follow the same path: “Mr Chana has improved my hip 100%.  Without this operation I don’t know what I would have done.” Lorraine adds that her aftercare has been excellent. After the operation, with the help of physio, she was walking without crutches within weeks and would advise anyone to make sure they do all the exercises they are given.


“I can’t fault the service Mr Chana has given me, from all his investigations performed to identify the problem, to the operation and aftercare. My life has improved 100%. My right hip is pain-free.  Before I was constantly in tears because the pain was so severe. I was lacking sleep, and I still had to work and be a mother. It was affecting my whole family.  Because my experience has been so good and life is so much better, I have elected to have the left hip done sooner than later.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Chana and his team. I am so grateful for how much he has improved my life and mobility so far.”

Mr Chana comments: “It is always a pleasure to see and treat such patients as Lorraine. She showed a real passion and determination to get better so working with the patient is always a positive experience and usually leads to great outcomes. I am glad that we have returned her to beyond the goals she desired. Looking forward to helping her with the other side!”

February 2019

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