When is it time for knee replacement surgery by Paul Trikha?

When your knee is severely arthritic, causes you pain most of the time and affects your sleep and daily function, you need to see a specialist. Before considering knee replacement surgery your doctor should always exhaust non-operative conservative treatments. In this article Mr Paul Trikha gives his opinion on whether knee surgery is always necessary in cases of knee pain.

Meniscus tear of the knee: what to do next by Paul Trikha

Meniscus tears are common injuries for sportsmen. Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Paul Trikha explains what a meniscus tear has been described as feeling like and how it can be treated. 

Paul Trikha gives a run-down on skiing and knee injuries

Skiing and snowboarding are inherently risky sports. Injuries are fairly common, and of these, around a third involve the knee. Skilled orthopaedic surgeon Mr Paul Trikha explains.

Paul Trikha explains how joint preservation can keep the young active for longer

Joint preservation is a rapidly emerging field in orthopaedics that has evolved because of the limitations in joint replacement surgery. Surgeons have turned to joint preservation to prevent or delay arthritis and other degenerative conditions, particularly in young patients. Joint preservation, in essence, is a procedure to prevent or delay knee replacement surgery.

Paul Trikha gives hope for injured Kingston rugby player’s career 

William Marment, who plays rugby for Tiffin Boys School, Kingston, injured his knee while playing the sport during a tour to Venice in November 2009.

On his return home he was taken to see knee expert Paul Trikha at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey…

Inspirational Sixty-Eight Year Old Robert Shatwell Recovered and Riding Again After Knee Replacement

Mr Shatwell was back on his bike in only six weeks, and by eight weeks he was back to his former daily ride of between three and 10 miles. Declaring that he feels ’40 rather than nearly 70 years old now.’

Top Physio Struck Down and Unable to Walk Now Climbing Ben Nevis!

To say that the replacement knee operations were successful is something of an understatement. After the first operation Mr Matthews was back at work after only six weeks.

Going Skiing? Make Sure You’re Fit for the Slopes

Paul Trikha, Consultant Knee Surgeon at the Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic (SOC), treats countless skiing injuries.

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