New to snowboarding? Look after your wrists by Tanaya Sarkhel

Hand and wrist expert Tanaya Sarkhel highlights the most common wrist injuries suffered by snow boarders and how to avoid them.

The most common hand and wrist injuries in sport by Tanaya Sarkhel

Most sports, particularly those involving balls and rackets involve some kind of contact with the hands and fingers. Orthopaedic surgeon Miss Tanaya Sarkhel tells us more about common hand and wrist injuries.

Tanaya Sarkhel discusses treatment options the causes of hand nerve irritation, including carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the median nerve in the wrist and hand, causing stiffness, reduced hand movement and discomfort. It is fairly common in adults and can be treated, either at home, or medically, depending on the severity. However, in some circumstances, diagnosis will show that what is suspected to be carpal tunnel syndrome, turns out to be another condition.

Do I have carpal tunnel syndrome? Tanaya Sarkhel explains all about it

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a constellation of symptoms experienced when an important nerve, the median nerve, becomes pinched or squashed as it passes into the hand from the arm. Miss Tanaya Sarkhel, a leading orthopaedic surgeon of the Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic, explains the mechanics behind carpal tunnel syndrome.

Surgery is not the only answer – non-surgical treatment for thumb arthritis by Tanaya Sarkhel

Pain at the base of the thumbs can make simple things a real challenge. Undoing jar lids and bottle tops, fiddling with buttons, lifting saucepans – everyday actions that were no trouble yesterday can find us asking for help today without any rhyme or reason. What’s going on?

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