60-year-old golfer Michael will soon be back out on course thanks to his total knee replacement.

Michael, golfer

Consultant: Rishi Chana

Treatment: Total knee replacement

Michael wanted to be able to use his knee pain-free and get back to physical activity he enjoyed

Thirty years ago, Michael, now 60, suffered a ruptured ACL in his right knee whilst playing football and his sporting activities (semi-pro football, squash, badminton, gym and circuit training) had to stop.  He underwent several operations including two full knee reconstructions but despite physiotherapy, he never managed to regain complete stability or be pain-free. As a keen sportsman, this had a huge impact on his life, He did manage to play golf for a few years, but eventually even that became impossible.

When Michael’s 82-year-old mother had a highly successful double knee replacement, it prompted him to act. He was struggling to sleep, was getting backache and in a lot of pain, so doing nothing wasn’t an option. He was offered a list of consultants that included Mr Rishi Chana, and after reading his online bio, made an appointment. Michael says: “I was very pleased to meet with a no-nonsense gentleman, who listened to my expectations and gave me informed advice on how to best achieve them.” On examining him, Mr Chana concluded that Michael was suffering tricompartmental arthrosis (osteoarthritis in all three compartments of the knee) with a varus bow (bowleggedness) and after discussion it was agreed that that the best option was a total knee replacement.

The operation was performed four months after that first meeting and Michael is now seven weeks post-op and his recovery is progressing well. He has exceeded his physiotherapy targets and gained virtually 90% of flex and continues to improve, although there is still a way to go with the muscle rebuilding.

His advice to anyone who suffers from similar knee issues is not to put it down to age and tolerate it, but to seek out a specialist like Mr Chana who will be very open about the options and outcomes.  He says: “Your situation might be so extreme that there is nothing modern medicine can offer you, but I somehow doubt that and if there is a meaningful solution, then I am certain Mr Chana will not only be aware of it but may have even introduced it!”   

He adds: “I am extremely confident that I will be playing golf, swimming, taking bike rides and chasing my grandchildren around within another month. Within three months, to make up for years of lack of exercise, I am planning to add jogging to my fitness regime and who knows after that? New lease of life is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but I certainly intend to make up for the lost time.”

Mr Chana concludes:  "I'm so pleased Michael's knee replacement has given him a return to activity without any of the pain he'd been experiencing. In cases such as his, with severe arthritis in all three compartments of his knee plus his bowleggedness, it was the obvious choice. "

April 2019

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